On October 13, 1921, Joseph Nathaniel Goddard formed a partnership with his son, Victor, to open a meat and grocery store located on a side street in Bridgetown. At the time, neither could have foreseen that this small business would develop into a successful multinational conglomerate.

Today, Goddard Enterprises spans over 23 countries in the Caribbean, North, South, and Central America. While continuing to take part in the more traditional areas of retailing and wholesaling, operations are expanding into new and exciting industries.

Just three short years after opening the business, the Ice House Building on Broad Street was purchased by Mr. Goddard on October 13, 1924, expanding the food operation. Being that this was the first refrigerated meat store in Bridgetown, this brought innovation to the local retail sector. Later, it was converted into a supermarket business, with a branch being opened in Fontabelle in 1962. The Rendezvous Supermarket was subsequently acquired in 1964.

The key to success at the Goddard group is diversification. As the supermarket retail business continued its success and was the primary business for many years, the company also expanded through the acquisition of existing businesses. In 1939, the first acquisition took place in the bakery industry, ultimately leading to the outright ownership of Purity Bakery, a market leader in Barbados.

Goddard ventured into the department store retail and hotel business in 1943, the latter of which led to the development of airline catering services. Continued diversification and entrepreneurial development over the decades laid the foundation for the corporation to secure the strong position it occupies today. Goddard Enterprises currently operates over 50 companies, across 23 countries spanning from Canada in the North to Uruguay in the South.