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Innovation and Development in GCG Uruguay

26 Jul 2017

GCG Uruguay engages in sustainable development and thanks to the talent of its people, the company has developed an innovative system that optimized its results.

Sustainable development

Since October 2015, GCG Uruguay has had 20 solar panel modules of 48 tubes each and a hot water heater in its Inflight Facility. This modern system was created through the initiative and hard work of Óscar Rodríguez (Maintenance) and implemented thanks to the teamwork of several departments.

How the system works

The water exchangers transfer the temperature of the dirty hot water from the production processes to clean cold water that flows through the exchanger. This produces a transfer of temperatures and, therefore, an economic and environmental saving.

The system has three cisterns with a capacity of 2000 ltrs. each, the first stores water with a temperature recovered from the exchange of hot with the residual water of the dishwasher between 60 and 65°C. The second cistern stores water from the system of solar panels (with its temperature, in winter reaching 45°C and in summer reaching 75°C). The third one is a complementary cistern that receives water from the cistern that has water at higher temperature, activates the conventionalist systems (gas or electric) and increases the water temperatures reaching 85°C (disinfection temperature).

The implementation of solar panels and the water exchange has brought great benefits:

  • The company saves gas that it would use to generate hot water for its production processes (less expenses, less environmental pollution). Instead of using the city water (12°C) the  company uses temperature water which is generated from these systems to its machines (70°C). It involves an important economic and environmental saving for the company.
  • Compared to the traditional system, this new technology allows GCG Uruguay to save around 60% of gas per day.
  • The residual water is cooled to a temperature of 35°C, which is an environmentally friendly temperature.