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Our regional office located in Florida manages some 23 flight kitchens - seven in South America, two in Central America and fourteen in the Caribbean islands. In addition, there are associated catering type services with Airport Terminal Restaurants catering in four airports in three countries and industrial catering in five countries.  Contact - www.goddard-catering.com

Throughout the Caribbean and Central America we have a joint venture arrangement with LSG Sky Chefs where we own 51% and they own 49% of the shareholding. In some of these locations we also have third party partners.

 Divisional General Manager

Mr. Stewart Massiah

Mr. Stewart Massiah, Goddard Catering’s former Vice President of Operations, was appointed Divisional General Manager for the Catering Division of Goddard Enterprises Ltd (GEL) effective August 1, 2008. Looking to the future, Mr. Massiah said the Catering Division had created a clear vision of where it wanted to go over the next five years and had set goals which have been communicated to all the operating companies. He sees a central role for himself in the achievement of those goals. Stewart Massiah was educated at St Kitts Nevis Grammar School and Presentation College in Barbados and graduated from Loughborough Technical College in the UK with a Diploma in Business Studies & Public Administration. He joined the Goddard Group as an Operations Supervisor in 1974 and has served in several managerial capacities in Barbados and Jamaica before being appointed in 1992 as Vice President of Operations of Goddard Catering Group based in Florida overseeing the operational activities of all of the companies in the Division. In January 2010, he was appointed to the Goddard’s Parent Board

  Companies in Catering   Country
  Airport Restaurants (1996) Ltd.   Barbados
  Allied Caterers Ltd   Trinidad & Tobago
  Barbados Concorde Experience   Barbados
  Calloway Corporation   Aruba
  Goddard Catering Group (Antigua) Limited   Antigua & Barbuda
  Goddard Catering Group (Barbados) Ltd.   Barbados
  Goddard Catering Group (GCM) Ltd.   Cayman Islands
  Goddard Catering Group (Grenada) Ltd   Grenada
  Goddard Catering Group (Jamaica) Limited   Jamaica
  Goddard Catering Group (St. Lucia) Ltd.   St. Lucia
  Goddard Catering Group Bermuda   Bermuda
  Goddard Catering Group Bogota Ltd.   Colombia
  Goddard Catering Group Bonaire N.V.   Bonaire - Netherlands Antilles
  Goddard Catering Group Caracas S.A.   Venezuela
  Goddard Catering Group Curacao, N.V.   Curacao
  Goddard Catering Group El Salvador S.A.   El Salvador
  Goddard Catering Group Ground Services LLC - St Thomas USVI   St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands)
  Goddard Catering Group Guatemala S.A.   Guatemala
  Goddard Catering Group Guayaquil S.A.   Ecuador
  Goddard Catering Group Head Office   Barbados
  Goddard Catering Group Honduras   Honduras
  Goddard Catering Group Margarita C.A.   Venezuela
  Goddard Catering Group Paraguay S.A.   Paraguay
  Goddard Catering Group Quito, S.A.   Ecuador
  Goddard Catering Group St. Maarten N.V.   St. Maarten
  Goddard Catering Group St. Thomas Corporation   St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands)
  Goddard Catering Group Uruguay S.A.   Uruguay
  Iberocaribe   Colombia
  Paradise Springs   St. Lucia
  Tobago Inflite Catering Ltd.   Trinidad & Tobago