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Minvielle & Chastanet [M&C] Ltd.
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Address 9-11 Bridge Street,P.O. Box 99,Castries,St. Lucia

M&C Group of Companies is a diverse company active in the fields of services (including Insurance, Shipping and tour services) wholesale distribution, retail and manufacturing. With over 500 staff members operating from multiple locations in a number of territories, M&C has established itself as one of the leading organizations in St. Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean. M & C Ltd. is a well-established, reputable Group of Companies headquartered in St. Lucia, with a largely diversified portfolio including Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution, Retail, Insurance, Pharmacies, Airline and Shipping Agencies. This privately owned Company is managed by qualified and experienced professionals and is constantly on the lookout for new talent: highly motivated and extroverted persons with a sound academic background, strong leadership qualities, exceptional work ethic and business experience.

For More than 140 years the M&C Group of Companies has operated in Saint Lucia. Our business activities include retail, wholesale, distribution, shipping, insurance, tourism services, IT and manufacturing. With a staff of over five hundred combined with our length of service, the company has developed a reputation for stability and has created a solid base from which it has expanded into new territories and partnerships.

During the first twenty years, M&C then a partnership, had a core business that included dry goods (merchandising), wines, shipping and insurance. The diversified nature of the enterprise was further enhanced when, during the next fifty years expansion included entry into the coal industry, manufacturing, namely an aerated drinks’ plant and an ice manufacturing plant. In an era when coal was king, M&C as a consequence of its foresight in capitalising on the establishment of St. Lucia as an Imperial coaling station, was able to enjoy phenomenal success. Its early entry into commercial coaling on the island had allowed it to develop significant market share and the firm’s coaling business remained for many years its largest single economic activity.

The same business acumen that had characterised the earlier years served well in directing the company’s movement out of the coal industry well ahead of its demise. Simultaneously new areas were being introduced including the establishment of the islands’ first motor company and its associated operations, cigarette manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and the sugar industry. All of this took place despite setbacks caused by disastrous fires in 1927, 1948, 1960, and 1972 as well as the great depression of the 1930s from which St. Lucia had not been spared.

By the 1930s the rapidly expanding and highly diversified enterprise could no longer effectively function in its capacity as a partnership/proprietorship and so M&C became a limited liability company. Its size increased significantly when in 1951 it became incorporated with its sister company Minvielle and Co.

Another significant juncture for M&C was during what has been described as "the multinational interlude 1973-1983", (Winville King, 1989). During this era 75% of the company’s shareholding was sold to a multinational company, Booker McConnell Ltd. itself with a long history in St. Lucia and indeed the Caribbean. The attempt by Bookers to go public met with little success. This was due in part to the unstable political climate that prevailed at the time. By the end of the period concerned major departments- dry goods, toys, furniture, supermarkets, foot-ware and frozen foods were lost and retrenchment had reduced the staff of 800 to 280. Another important juncture was reached in 1983 when the Devaux family bought back M&C from Bookers, this feat was yet another "first" on the local and regional scene. True to tradition the revived company began to seek new fields for expansion and Tourism and Distribution Trades were targeted. Diversification and adaptation became the signature of the "new" establishment as it explored avenues and phased out less profitable interests. To date, the company has broken new ground and exhibited great foresight and pioneering spirit expanding into retail tourism and exploring options in the Financial Services sector.


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