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Hanschell Inniss Ltd.
  Contact Vidia Woods
Title General Manager
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Address Hanschell Inniss Ltd.,Fontabelle,St Michael,Barbados


For approximately 122 years Hanschell Inniss Limited has been providing Barbadians with the finest selection of produce, foodstuff and other supplies.

Founded in 1884 by Valdemar Hanschell, who was of Danish descent, the then Hanschell & Company supplied ships with ropes, sails, salt, fresh fruit, meat, vegetables and water in addition to any other items required. The Company also loaded the ships with Barbadian products destined for Europe and North America.

While Ship Chandlery continued to be the primary business focus in the early 20th century, eventually the company branched into the local liquor market with Cockspur and Best Matured Rums. In addition, other well-known spirit brands were imported.

In the late 1960s, the company diversified into food distribution with the amalgamation of James H. Inniss. Then in 1973, J.N. Goddard and Sons Ltd. (subsequently Goddard Enterprises Ltd.) bought a majority interest in the business, thus bringing Hanschell Inniss under the Goddard's umbrella.

By the 1970s, a new rum-bottling plant was established and Hanschell Inniss was able to introduce additional quality liquor brands  Old Gold, VSOR, Cockspur White and 151 proof. As the international reputation of Cockspur grew, it attracted the interest of International Distillers & Vintners (IDV), which approached Hanschell in 1992 and subsequently an agreement was reached which allowed IDV to handle the worldwide distribution of the Cockspur brand.

Having successfully entered the liquor and food distribution market, there remained one product line not represented  and that was meat. So in 1979, Hanschell Inniss became involved in meat processing. This proved so successful that a state-of-the-art processing plant was constructed and the Eve brand of products quickly became a household name. A decade later Atkinson and Wolfe, the leading meat and fish supplier, was purchased; thus ensuring the company had a comprehensive range of retail products.

With more than a century of solid achievement, Hanschell Inniss has become one of the leading businesses in Barbados.


Hanschell Inniss employs 190 people across its various departments.

Hanschell Inniss Today

More than a century and several investments later, the operations of Hanschell Inniss Ltd. extend well beyond the ship chandlery business that had been its origin.

Today the company comprises four divisions  retail, food service, ship chandlery and export.

Retail Division

The Retail Division markets and sells several major brands such as Farmer's Choice, Eve, Kellogg's, Pillsbury, Johnnie Walker, Kraft, BOP, Cockspur, Mars, Smirnoff and E&J Gallo Winery among others. These are retailed to supermarkets, mini marts, shops and convenience stores and deliveries are made within 24 hours of receipt of orders.

Food Service Division

The Food Service Division is made up of a knowledgeable team that can act as advisors to clients. This Division sells and markets all of the company's brands to hotels, restaurants and small entrepreneurs around Barbados.

Deliveries are made in refrigerated vehicles with the capacity to deliver frozen, chilled and dry goods twice daily on Mondays to Fridays and once on Saturdays.

Ship Chandlery Division

The Ship Chandlery Division offers all of the company's products to all ships calling at the port. In addition to food products, this Division also provides decorations, flowers, palm leaves and house keeping supplies as part of their service to the ships. For food products, a transhipping service is available.

Export Division

Hanschell Inniss' Export Division is responsible for the exportation of the Company's products  mainly viennas, sausages, luncheon meats, cooking oil, margarine and liquor brands to other Caribbean islands.

Website Link: http://www.hanschellinnissltd.com/