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Goddard Enterprises Ltd.
Contact Mr. Anthony Ali
Title Managing Director
E-mail anthony.ali@thegelgroup.com
Telephone (246) 430-5700
Fax (246) 436-8934
Address The Goddard Building, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael


Goddard Enterprises Ltd. is divided into four operating divisions, each headed by a Divisional General Manager to whom the General Manager of each company reports. This creates specialised divisional skills and management in breath and depth within each division.

Automotive Building Supplies & Services

The company manages import distribution businesses in Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Kitts, Grenada and Jamaica. In all the islands other than Jamaica, the companies distribute dry and cold food plus liquor while St. Lucia and St. Vincent have insurance agencies, hardware businesses and the Nissan car dealership which is also represented in Barbados and Jamaica. In Barbados, batteries and tyres are sold while car rental is also a major part of the business with Courtesy Car Rentals and Auto Rentals.

Another aspect to this division is the marketing of the Cockspur Rum brand internationally. This brand was originally conceived in Barbados and GEL now owns 75% of this brand with United Distillers owning the other 25%.

Catering Division

Our regional office located in Florida manages some 22 flight kitchens - seven in South America, two in Central America and thirteen in the Caribbean islands. In addition, there are associated catering type services with Airport Terminal Restaurants catering in four airports in three countries and industrial catering in five countries.

Throughout the Caribbean and Central America we have a joint venture arrangement with LSG Sky Chefs where we own 51% and they own 49% of the shareholding. In some of these locations we also have third party partners.

Manufacturing and Services Division

This division covers the manufacturing of bread, meat products, plastic bags, printing and flexible packaging, specialty top end labels mainly for liquor, rum distilling, water and liquor bottling, aerosol products and liquid household cleaners. All these operate out of Barbados. 

The services that fall under this division include wholesale tiles and sewerage services, a large commercial laundry and shipping and stevedoring agencies. The company also has a 20% interest in the Bridgetown Cruise Terminals.

Financial Services Division

Our investments here include a 45% interest in a General Insurance company  Sagicor General Insurance Inc -and a 50% interest in a large very well capitalised finance company called Globe Finance Inc.

Central Services Division

Goddard Enterprises Limited also has a Central Services Division which provides services to the operating Divisions and includes Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Finance and Legal and Corporate Services.

Website Link: http://www.goddardenterprisesltd.com/