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Our Brands
  BOP Insecticide is a specially-developed formulation that kills both flying and crawling insects. It is available in three (3) fragrances; Bop Regular, Citronella and the newest fragrance Evergreen. Bop Regular is available in 250 ml, 400 ml and 600 ml sizes, whilst Bop Citronella and Evergreen are available in 400ml and 600ml.


Farmer’s Choice is THE premium range of frozen and chilled meats produced in the Caribbean by HIPAC LTD.

Only the finest ingredients are used to produce Farmer’s Choice products. The range consists of wieners, sausages, bacon, breaded chicken products, burgers, sliced meats and of course hams. Farmer’s Choice products are sold in Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent. In a region where the inhabitants are most discerning when it comes to taste and flavour, it’s good to know that Farmer’s Choice scores tops time and time again.

Farmer’s Choice; Experience the Flavour!

  Since 1979, when the Eve brand introduced hamburgers and wieners, Eve has matured into a household name!

Eve; the "First Family of Fine Foods"; is arguably the most complete food brand on the Barbados market and can be found on tables not only in Barbados but throughout the islands.!

The Eve brand is sourced from all over the world – Sri Lanka, Canada, Jamaica, Brazil, Europe and locally. So complete is the line that it is possible to have “A Meal with Eve” for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Eve brand has become synonymous with excellent quality at economical prices. Eve has established itself within its niche and has gained additional market share with an ever expanding quality product line.

It Just Has To Be Eve!

  Courtesy Rent A Car has been a leader in car rental in Barbados for over 30 years.

We have two convenient locations, one at the Grantley Adams International Airport and Wildey, ST. Michael, offering a wide range of quality Nissan Vehicles, including the Nissan March, Nissan Almera and the Luxury Nissan X-Trail.

Whether you wish to collect your car from our office or want it delivered to your door we stand committed to offering you quality transportation at a competitive price.

Courtesy Rent A Car…. First Class Transportation ….Why settle for Less!!!

  Purity is Good Bread
Purity's bread is baked, packaged and delivered under the highest Health & Safety standards. We aim to ensure that our consumers enjoy a great product that meets their expectations every time they buy Purity bread.

  Wonder is Bread for Life
Wonder builds on everything that we've learnt in over 75 years in baking good bread. This has allowed us to create a wide range of specially formulated Health loaves, many of which address specific medical conditions and others simply contribute to the health, wellness & balance that we as individuals seek every day.

  Goddard Catering Group operates concessions at Airports in Jamaica, Barbados, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, El Salvador and Colombia under either the Island Grab ‘N’ Go or Island Deli brand.

The design and layout Island Grab ‘N’ Go outlets allow our customers to be able to walk into the space and collect what they need from the refrigerated and ambient display units thereby giving control to the customer. Island Grab ‘N’ Go focuses on providing a wide variety of creatively packaged and prepared food items including a wide variety of sandwiches featuring specialty breads and healthy choice salads all under our under our “Island Deli” brand.

In addition various breakfast items such as Danishes, muffins, etc. and a wide assortment of packaged crisps, nachos, etc and both hot and cold beverages are offered for sale.

  BEEP Disinfectant Spray

Introducing the newest addition to the BEEP family; BEEP Disinfectant spray. This product is composed mainly of ethanol, an active used for killing various germs, bacteria and fungi. It kills 99.9% of germs in less than 60 seconds and can be used on a variety of surfaces; glass, stainless steel, perspex, glazed & unglazed tiles and laminates and a range of places; in the home or office; garbage cans, door knobs, telephones, kitchen and bathroom surfaces as well as work stations. Look out for a BEEP Disinfectant spray near you, available in three fragrances; Original, Fresh Air and Island Breeze.

BEEP Air Freshener

BEEP Air Fresheners come in a variety of exotic aromas: Country Garden, Sea Breeze, Berry Burst, Sunshine Fresh and Citrus Twist. These affordable products can be used in a variety of places to suit your specific need. With an excellent range of Caribbean scents, you will surely find the perfect fragrance to suit your home. With its new seamless can, the product is leak and rust resistant.

Dishwashing Liquid

Thanks to its special formulation, BEEP Dishwashing liquid is extra tough on grease yet gentle on your hands. This concentrated liquid allows a little to go a long way. BEEP Dishwashing Liquid cuts grease quickly, leaving pots and pans sparkling clean. It is completely biodegradable and is available in a 1L size.

Want Value? Smart choice!

  Super Suretox Insecticide is specially developed in three (3) separate formulations to eliminate two different kinds of pests: The Flying Insect Killer (FIK) blended with a pleasant fragrance, is a fast acting insecticide which is specially formulated to kill flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. The Crawling Insect Killer (CIK) is a product which has a long-lasting residual control. CIK flushes roaches, ants, centipedes and other crawling insects from their nests and other hiding places where they lurk. The All Insect Killer (AIK) is a combination of the two [CIK & FIK] and fights crawling and flying insects in one formulation. All of the Super Suretox products are available in 250 ml, 450ml and 600ml.

  GO! Insect Repellent is a non greasy formula which repels mosquitoes, sand flies, fleas, ticks and other bothersome biting insects and it can be used on the face. Being compatible with sunscreen enables it to hold its own amongst other brands, especially since it is 100% Bajan. In its new seamless can, this product is leak and rust resistant.

  Tropic Fresh is an exciting new range of household cleaners manufactured to the quality of the leading brands within the market.

The Tropic Fresh brand offers products in the following categories: Powder Detergents; Liquid Detergents; Fabric Softeners; Dish Washing Liquids; All Purpose Cleaners.

Tropic Fresh products are manufactured exclusively for Hanschell Inniss Ltd and the brand has been on the market for the past two years. The Tropic Fresh brand is uniquely formulated with Caribbean people in mind and carries the brand slogan “A Breath of Fresh Air”.

The brand was conceived to respond to the need in the market for household cleaners made to a high quality, yet competitively priced. The Tropic Fresh brand meets this need.