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Goddard Catering Group is the leading provider of high quality airline catering to many of the world’s leading commercial air carriers in twenty one countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.  In addition, we are the Caribbean market leader in Corporate Jet catering providing the highest quality catering, packaging and service to this discerning clientele. 

The Group also provides catering and related services to  oil producing  platforms,  pharmaceutical companies, factories, offices, prison facilities and gas stations among others. We were the official Catering Provider for the ICC World Cricket Cup in 2007 and have dedicated Event catering companies in Trinidad, Grenada, Uruguay and Barbados. Airport terminal concessions remain a focus of the company as are off airport restaurants. The Group's 2,100 highly trained employees are dedicated to the service of our customers.  Our joint venture partner is LSG SkyChefs - an internationally recognised provider of culinary expertise for airline catering.

Industrial and Event Catering operations which provide services to oil and gas platforms, prisons, hospitals, service stations, colleges and schools, factories, offices, sports and  corporate events, parties and banquets  are located in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Caribbean catering units are in Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Grenada, Jamaica (Montego Bay and Kingston), St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Trinidad and Tobago.

Latin American catering units are in Colombia (Bogotá) El Salvador, Ecuador (Quito & Guayaquil), Guatemala, Paraguay (Asunción), Uruguay (Montevideo), and Venezuela (Caracas & Isla Margarita).

The Company operates airport terminal concessions in Barbados, Grenada, St. Maarten, Montego Bay & Kingston (Jamaica), St. Lucia and El Salvador.


(1954) The first operation was established in Barbados at the Crane Hotel located seven miles from the Airport by Fred and Flo Goddard.

(1967) A dedicated in-flight catering unit was constructed at Grantley Adams International Airport at Barbados.

(1972) The company established a joint venture with the Marriott Corporation and later with LSG Sky Chefs.

(1974) The Company established its first overseas unit in Antigua and has continued to expand ever since.

  • Airport Restaurants Limited – Barbados
  • Allied Caterers Ltd - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Goddard Catering Group (Antigua) Limited – Antigua
  • Goddard Catering Group (Barbados) Limited – Barbados
  • Goddard Catering Group Bermuda - Bermuda 
  • Goddard Catering Group Caracas S.A. – Venezuela
  • Goddard Catering Group Bogota Ltda – Colombia
  • Goddard Catering Group GCM Ltd. – Cayman Islands
  • Goddard Catering Group El Salvador S.A. – El Salvador
  • Goddard Catering Group Guatemala S.A. – Guatemala
  • Goddard Catering Group (Cayman) Limited. – Cayman Islands
  • Goddard Catering Group Curacao, N.V. - Curacao
  • Goddard Catering Group (Jamaica) Ltd
  • Goddard Catering Group (St. Lucia) Ltd. – St. Lucia
  • Goddard Catering Group St. Maarten N.V. – St. Maarten
  • Goddard Catering Group (Guayaquil S.A.) - Ecuador
  • Goddard Catering Group (Quito S.A.) - Ecuador
  • Goddard Catering Group Uruguay S.A.- Uruguay 
  • Goddard Catering Group Margarita, C.A.
  • Goddard Catering Group Paraguay - Paraguay
  • Goddard Catering Group - St. Thomas Corp. - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Tobago Inflite Catering Ltd - Trinidad & Tobago